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Topic Model

Topic Model is the ultimate topic research toolfor any topic. It fetches the data from all over the web that helps you to create engaging content.

Saved lists
Custom Domains
Export Options
Report Sharing
Topic Model Screenshots

Social Model

Build a completesocial modela about your topic across all social media platforms to gain deep insights into what people are talking about.

10+ platforms
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Question Finder

Gather questions about your topic across the web so you can easily understand users’ needs using Question Finder.

Saved lists
Custom Domains
Export Options
Report Sharing
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Search Listener

Search listener will help you be the first to cover all of the most unique and new searches around your query.

Saved lists
Custom Domains
Export Options
Report Sharing

Platform Features

Saved List
Save your all favorite queries, questions, and intents in one file.
The user can be added to your account so that they work simultaneously.
You can get your entire team on board with one project to complete it faster.
Priority Support
We are here for you 24/7 with priority support to help and resolve your queries.
30-day History
You can maintain your report's history that allows you to see what was done in the past.
CSV Export
You can export almost everything from your report in CSV format.
Custom Domains
Share your reports that reflect your organization's brand and voice.
You can generate reports for 35 different languages with our easy-to-use interface.
Generate your report in any country of the world. We are supporting 215+ countries.
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    500 queries per month in Topic Model (resets every month)
    500 queries per month in Questions Finder (resets every month)
    50 queries per month in Outline (resets every month)
    All countries supported
    1 Workspaces
    All data sources included
    All languages supported
    1 Team members
    Custom domain
    Shareable reports
    CSV Exports
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