We're a small team but we do big things!

2x Founder, the cat lover

Ahmed Qureshi, A 3x founder of TopicMojo & Brand Overflow, Growth IDX

My name is Ahmed Qureshi. I'm the founder of three startups TopicMojo & Brand Overflow (an SEO data platform) & Growth IDX. My favorite thing to do in my spare time? Take care of my cats!

Our Logo
What's behind the Cat in our logo?

We are obsessed with cats, and our company is too. Ahmed Qureshi, the Founder loves cats so much that his entire Facebook is filled with them. He even named the company after a cat, Mojo! We love creating funny videos of cat-related content to bring joy into people's lives and share our love for these furry friends. 🐱

We know keywords
We're passionate about real-time and accurate keyword data, that's what it's all about.

TopicMojo is a software to help you become a topic expert instantly, it will help you get insights about your topic in a very deep manner. With our automatic intent generator and in-depth keyword exploration you will get amazing keyword ideas around your brand.

Our Ethics
A small team that do big things!

We are a team with good work ethics and big ambitions. Brand Overflow and TopicMojo are the examples of our ethics and how fast we are growing.

A small team determined to put the work in and get their dream off the ground. We know it wouldn't be easy, but we are willing to do anything for what we want.

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